• WowMeh

    WowMeh is a Headless Fittem Mesh body.
    It can be worn with your own shape and it can be modified with Second Life Classic Shape sliders (also Breast Sliders!)
    It also include a basic pair of relaxed hands and bare feet.
    Read this blog for more informations

  • "InSize & OverSize"

    2 Versions included:
    Insize (close to the Sl Classic Shape proportions) and OverSize (for curvy girls)

My product (WowMeh - and the relative DEMO) has been removed from Marketplace on the 5th June for "IP Infringment" and then removed inworld also.
Since I haven't received any notification in the relative email address, I enquired repeatedly for clarifications to LL, through all available methods; finally, the 11th june the IP Team inboxed me stating that "if I believe I didn't infringe another's copyright I have to fill a counter-notification", and to "be aware that your personal information will be forwarded to the copyright claimant", but there was no DMCA notification attached. So I asked for more detailed infos to the IP Team but, as they don't have obligations to answer, I don't think they will do.

As for now, I have decided not to counterclaim.

I have very good reasons - but this is only my opinion - to believe that the DMCA compiled against WowMeh has been done so with malicious intents. I have absolutely no idea about what kind of copyright owned by whom I have infringed. Because of this and that, of investigations, readings and studies I have made, I really don't want to reveal any of my personal, sensible data to someone which can be not so good-intentioned; I'm afraid I may be harassed in RL too.

Notwithstanding my opinion, I'm fully aware the DMCA has a legal value, and it is possible (it MUST be, according to law) that the claimant has acted in good faith. So, equally in good faith, I decided to fully revise my product, removing whatever part wasn't wholly created by me (the body still remains a remote relative of the SL avatar); not because those parts were not legit, but because they are not my original creations... So I do not want to risk for parts I've purchased, even if hyper-modified.

Surely, stating that my whole product as-is violates someone else's copyright is not true at all. But if you are in good faith, please, before engaging in a DMCA war, contact me. There are more gentle and collaborative ways to settle these kind of disputes, professionally (i.e. mediation and negotiation).

Acting this way still makes me a potential infringer to SL, but protects me in RL.

Anyway, please bear in mind that the NEW Version will be protected with an End User License Agreement and Copyright, and that I will react to malicious attacks according to the USA laws and to the laws of my home country.

I come in peace... Armed.

New versin 3.0

Included Insize (close to the Sl Classic Shape proportions) and OverSize (for curvy girls)
Fixed some random bugs, improved some rigging parts and UvMap.

What about the 2 sizes?
We needed a shape closer to the SL Classic Shape proportions, in order to wear Rigged Mesh clothes on WowMeh body a bit easier, but this would have penalized curvy girls.
This is where the 2 sizes idea comes from!
Oversize has a sliders range that start around where the Insize ends, with a max range really extreme!

What about Shaping?
WowMeh (Insize) is close to SL Classic Avatar proportions (only in muscles), but this is not the same!!
Some adjustments to your Standard Shape are NEEDED in order to look pretty as your own taste!
Just remember that more Alphas can't be added (or we would be really hard to be loaden for us and for our friends), and we can't use custom alphas masks at the moment on mesh  (let's hope for this feature in the future?!)
This is why i ALWAYS suggest to modify your shape in order to fit Rigged Mesh clothes where alphas are not enought: like if the pants are too small for your butt just go in appareance and shrink it (wouldn't be great in RL too? *.*)
Design your WowMeh shape according to the standard sizing muscles values might be helpful.

Body Fat: 0
Torso Muscle: 21
Breast Size: 32
Love Handles: 22
Belly Size: 0
Leg Muscle: 40
Butt Size: 24
Saddle Bags: 22

Body Fat: 5
Torso Muscle: 31
Breast Size: 48
Love Handles: 25
Belly Size: 2
Leg Muscle: 45
Butt Size: 34
Saddle Bags: 30

Body Fat: 7
Torso Muscle: 35
Breast Size: 52
Love Handles: 28
Belly Size: 3
Leg Muscle: 50
Butt Size: 38
Saddle Bags: 33

Body Fat: 11
Torso Muscle: 38
Breast Size: 58
Love Handles: 31
Belly Size: 6
Leg Muscle: 56
Butt Size: 44
Saddle Bags: 36

Body Fat: 24
Torso Muscle: 48
Breast Size: 71
Love Handles: 39
Belly Size: 14
Leg Muscle: 69
Butt Size: 62
Saddle Bags: 45

What about next Updates?
Feet and Hands need for sure some improvements.
I'll also take a look to the shoulders and waist rigging.
Mesh clothes (and file for creators) will be released ONLY when all (or most) customers are happy about the 2 bodies: update our clothes every update of wowmeh looks almost impossible for me, for any other creator and for customers too.

 New version 2.5!

Adjusted the UVMap in Back and Breast
Improved a little bit the Breast and Hands Volumes
Better Fit with SLink Hands and Feet*
FREE skin and Nails system included in the Instructions

* (be sure to adjust your shape according to your limbs size)

. NEW Completly Fitted Mesh
. NEW Feets and Hands
. RightArm Tattoo!
. Nipples!
. 4 Breast sizes
. Better fitting with Slink Hands and Feet, and S@r Head.
. Rigging for a Pregnant Belly looking.
. Clothes and Tattoo layers: materials viewers are out, now we can have both layer on our body!
. Many alpha layers!
. Fixed some Random Bug.

WowMeh version 2.2

. New RightArm Tattoo!
. New Shin in oversized Legs Shapes (Only for CupC and CupD)
. Nipples!
. 4 Breast sizes
. Better fitting with Slink Hands and Feet, and S@r Head.
. Rigging for a Pregnant Belly looking.
. Clothes and Tattoo layers: materials viewers are out, now we can have both layer on our body!
. Many More alpha layers!
. Fixed some Random Bug.