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My product (WowMeh - and the relative DEMO) has been removed from Marketplace on the 5th June for "IP Infringment" and then removed inworld also.
Since I haven't received any notification in the relative email address, I enquired repeatedly for clarifications to LL, through all available methods; finally, the 11th june the IP Team inboxed me stating that "if I believe I didn't infringe another's copyright I have to fill a counter-notification", and to "be aware that your personal information will be forwarded to the copyright claimant", but there was no DMCA notification attached. So I asked for more detailed infos to the IP Team but, as they don't have obligations to answer, I don't think they will do.

As for now, I have decided not to counterclaim.

I have very good reasons - but this is only my opinion - to believe that the DMCA compiled against WowMeh has been done so with malicious intents. I have absolutely no idea about what kind of copyright owned by whom I have infringed. Because of this and that, of investigations, readings and studies I have made, I really don't want to reveal any of my personal, sensible data to someone which can be not so good-intentioned; I'm afraid I may be harassed in RL too.

Notwithstanding my opinion, I'm fully aware the DMCA has a legal value, and it is possible (it MUST be, according to law) that the claimant has acted in good faith. So, equally in good faith, I decided to fully revise my product, removing whatever part wasn't wholly created by me (the body still remains a remote relative of the SL avatar); not because those parts were not legit, but because they are not my original creations... So I do not want to risk for parts I've purchased, even if hyper-modified.

Surely, stating that my whole product as-is violates someone else's copyright is not true at all. But if you are in good faith, please, before engaging in a DMCA war, contact me. There are more gentle and collaborative ways to settle these kind of disputes, professionally (i.e. mediation and negotiation).

Acting this way still makes me a potential infringer to SL, but protects me in RL.

Anyway, please bear in mind that the NEW Version will be protected with an End User License Agreement and Copyright, and that I will react to malicious attacks according to the USA laws and to the laws of my home country.

I come in peace... Armed.

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  1. I think that's very brave of you to come back harder than before and you've got an army of support behind you. Kudos to not let it defeat you and further more kudos to not expose your RL information to someone intent upon being malicious. <3 I still support you and your product 100% and will continue to blog all things Wowmeh as well as your future concept.

  2. IF you are worried about exchanging RL info then counter file though a lawyer, thus your RL info is not released, instead the lawyers info is

  3. I completely support anything you do. I absolutely love the WowMeh body and i will continue to support you and blog your new body as well whenever you decide to come out with it :)

  4. Sorry to hear that people are so malicious. Apparently afraid of the competition, They may very well target you no matter what. I think you are wise in your decision (even tho I so wanted to wear that body) :) Big hugs and Good Luck. I'll be a buyer when you are the seller. Until then.. No to other mesh bodies.

  5. Thank you for not giving up! I've been totally convinced since the beginning of this thing that the supposed DMCA has been done only to slow you down, because the WowMeh had just become too popular too quickly, and the competitors couldn't cope. And I know I'm not the only one to think that… You have my support, 100%!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think allot of SL is over rated copy right bs I get yes it's money but it is a game I kinds wish they just close SL for good

  7. Anonymous says:

    I firmly believe that you were falsely DMCA'd and the person who did it was definitely NOT doing so in good faith, regardless of what the law is. I think the person who falsely DMCA'd you is a serial offender who has falsely filed against other mesh content creators out of malice. I think you should have filed the countersuit via an attorney to protect your personal information. LL is obligated by law to send you notification about all of this, and they failed. I hope you take all of the necessary actions and I wish you the best of luck.

  8. matrix says:

    Is there any chance of a male version sometime? What i saw of the original was stunning and the best mesh body i have seen. We men have no real sources in that regard. Not lifelike ones anyway. If i wanted to be a larger version of Arnold in his prime with 6 inch neepples I could find that easily.. I want one that looks realistic.

  9. kitty says:

    good luck wowmeh you have our support in your fight against bad people !!

  10. I will stick with the WOWMEH until you decide to come out with a new one! I dont blame you for keeping you RL info out of the reach of others. Gl in all you do :)

  11. Bea P says:

    Too many false DMCA claims in sl these days. Ridiculous DMCA claims even on simple dresses! This is totally unfair. Anyone can file a false DMCA claim without losing anything. However when someone files a claim against you, all your content gets removed with no explanation or proper investigation - you lose everything! LL process sucks they DO NOT investigate the claim. If you want your content back you have to spend your real money and time filing a counterclaim! These vicious individuals just bet on the fact that you wouldn't hire a lawyer to counter file. It costs too much money and most designers make very little in sl. Even if you spend all your money fighting the claim, all you get in return is your old content back! No action against the false claimant! What about time lost? money lost? defamation? There must be strict laws to protect businesses from these vicious frauds and liars. Sadly this is a lose-lose situation for you. If they come after you one more time, we should create awareness and raise funds for you to fight the case and counter sue the liar hiding behind the avatar. I want to see these frauds behind bars! Have seen enough of these frivolous copyright claims in sl. Enough is enough.

  12. I am so sorry to hear all this is going on! I know a lot of people are curious though, will the people who already have the wowmeh be able to get this new item as an update or will be have to purchase a completely new product?

  13. I am so glad that you are going to keep working, your mesh body was the first I considered buying and I simply love it.

    It pains me how the legal system is - in world and out - how it tends to protect the guilty. How the innocent are left to fend for themselves and sadly come under personal attack, as they are often left to defend their character when they've done nothing wrong.

    I believe you've made the right move here. Seeing as the person who filled this claim can remain "hidden." With the amount of false DMCAs that keep turning up this should be a concern to content creators all over the grid.

    Here's hoping to see something new and wonderful in world soon. Best of luck to you.

  14. We Love you, Baby. I hope you are not too distressed by whichever jealous idiot has done this. I will continue to support WowMeh <3

  15. Your post just confirms what everyone was thinking, that you did in fact break international copyright laws.

    If you'd be really innocent, you would have filled out that countercomplaint long ago. The fact, that you are afraid that the person who filled the DMCA tells us, that you know that you are guilty and filling countercomplaint means, that you would claim that the product is yours, when it's not and that it would end up in a real-world law suit (that's the reason why the other person will get your data. They filled the DCMA, you claim they are wrong. So in order to proof that in a court they need your information).

    You just made yourself guilty.

    But not everything is lost. You could tell whose product you stole, so the supporter of the Mesh Body can go and purchase the product form the original order and his work gets credited.

  16. Actually, her not filing a counter claim is proof of nothing. Her guilt or innocence is dependent on whether or not she willfully stole something and placed it into her product, which she has stated that even though she purchased something, she cannot be 100% certain that it was not a stolen product, hence the reason she is removing everything that is not absolutely her creation from the product. That way, in the future, there is no possible way that anything could possibly have been stolen. It's not proving guilt. It's proving that you can't trust everything you purchase on SL, and sometimes it is just easier to fix a product to remove the possibility, than to fight it and drag out the process even further. So, perhaps you might consider keeping such speculation to yourself before you go pointing any fingers. Just a thought.

  17. Anonymous says:

    @ "Odessa", I'm pretty sure I know who you are. You aren't nearly as covert and anonymous as you think you are :)

    Her refusal to hand over her PERSONAL information is proof of nothing other than her intelligence. However, FALSELY FILING DMCAS against people who you consider to be your competition is against the law, as well as proof of your *own* guilt. It's all fun and games to you until lawyers get involved. One day you'll go after the wrong person and that will be the end for you :)

  18. I'm so so sorry you're having to go through all of this and I can't wait to see what's next for you. I'm a fan and I hope my store can make appliers for your next product. <3

  19. I'm waiting for your new release! Do not keep me waiting. Continue with your great job and not be discouraged by these evils. Big kiss!

  20. Anonymous says:

    @Odessa Silverberg - just shut it.
    Bleib bei deinen MMOs und RCE und halt die Fresse.

  21. I can't wait for the new release, it is like I can't be without my wowmeh on if a skin creator doesn't make a applier for it I don't use it. I wish you the best in this issue and can't wait to see you back! <3

  22. And… surprise! Just as you are struggling with this DMCA thing, SLink just releases its own mesh body! What a coincidence. *grins*

  23. I'm sorry if I was perhaps too concise, but I do not think it is appropriate to publicly discuss how I'm going to deal with a lawsuit, but I owed you all an update about the situation.
    Remember that I do not live in the United States: it took me two weeks only to find a good lawyer available to deal with an USA law and to face a potential transnational legal action.

    I do not think LL is obliged to inform me which product I have offended the copyright (in the specific field 1. "Identify in sufficient detail the copyrighted work That You Believe Has Been infringed upon [ie, describe the work That You own]") as much as the LL is not required to investigate whether the product in question is a legit copyrighted item or an unfair use of my product's name, details, pictures or full perm parts.
    I remember a few days before the fact, many of you (<3) have contacted me about fake listing of WowMeh on Marketplace sold by other users (probably just empty boxes).

    I didn't INTENTIONALLY break a copyright, but since my product is really complex, after this issue I investigated all single small parts and yes there are some parts for which I have some little wonderings:
    1. The Skins have been purchased (looks legit but who knows?), modified, and distributed into Full Perm Prims (the "Body Controller HUD") without any End User License.
    2. The HUD Contains a Full Perm Face emoter i got years ago: i kept for it the original creator and permission. It was intended to be only an - unuseful - example of what the tools tab in my HUD can be: a container of your own modify HUDs.
    3. I've supported (even if not included in my product itself) an "universal" applier because i love largest compatibility: this might lack designers' permissions... :(
    AND MORE....
    4. The body is a far relative of the SL Avatar (which is covered under CC 3.0: still not sure if and how can I sell it).
    5. I designed the feet UV to be more similar possible the another's feet UVMap (not exactly the same) to help skin designers to have an unique texture for feet. I'm not sure if in this way I offend their Copyright, we're still investigating.
    6. The name WowMeh is close to some real brand, even if not the same (WowME, WowMe, WowWee). But i don't think this might be the reason.

    Even if the Counter DMCA states "that I have a good faith belief" is anyways "under penalty of perjury" which shall make me punished with a strong fine if only one of the 6 points above are true!
    So i prefer consider the DMCA legit and revise and protect myself and my products as I didn't at today.
    If i really have broken someone's copyright I would be really happy to know, but i'm 99% sure that this is not my case: i don't think a legit person would act so hidden without even contacting me!

    The decision not to counter-notify as for now and to remake a new stronger product has been more of a choice forced by the timing and the lack of information ... and the hope to get back my sweet dreams and a serene summer.

    Thank you all for your support. <3

  24. Thank you for sharing your info and doubts with us, Baby, it's really nice of you. *smiles* All this doesn't seem to be a huge work to redo by the way. Do you have any idea how much time it might take? With the SLink body out, everybody will just rush on it, and it's unfair that you're forced to stay out of the competition: as far as I could see, the SLink is not really better than yours, and significantly more expensive… Really hoping to see you back very soon!

  25. Funny that you'd get a DMCA claim and not too long after- Slink puts out a mesh body of their own. Huh. Funny how that works. Just say'n.

  26. I honestly and fully believe this all stems from the other wowmeh that was being sold on MP. We were all flagging it and filing copybotting and the next day your's got pulled =(
    I will always support you and love your product and know you will get through this

  27. Anti Goon says:

    I don't support any asshole that steals.

  28. I keep using my wowmeh and I can't wait to see you back stronger and also wear the new one in my blog posts. You can count on all blogger comunity support. Good luck to you, Baby!

  29. Deatoris says:

    Hi Baby,

    I will keep using my Wowmeh until you are back with your new creation. Obviously I can't help thinking that the Slink mash body's release has been done in a very strange timing ... Anyway, chin up and hurry back xxxx

  30. Oh my, oh my. So many fanboi's and pirates here.

    DCMA claims do not get approved for a reason and obviously she did steal other peoples work. Otherwise a judge wouldn't approve it.

    Now come and tell whose avatar you did steal and sell as your owns? Then we can at least appreciate the proper person and buy his or her products instead of your stole goods.

  31. ^ take that hater crap some where els lml that fu fu lame s*** i aint with it bwahahahaha but when do you think your new and improved body will release

  32. It's a pity that LL and Second Life is operated from the USA where the DCMA has legal status. Whilst I think the spirit of that mechanism is good, (i.e. the ability to legally challenge Copyright infringement without huge legal costs) the reality is that it's just too wide open to abuse.

    I'm active on OpenSim grids amd last year there were ructions when one of the main content download sites clarified that DCMA notices would not be entertained by the German hosted site (DCMA isn't legally recognised in Europe) and that it would require a full court order from a German court before any case would be recognised. This is an extreme step, and one that would actually cost quite a lot of money, but it would therefore be pretty unliely to be abused, as it seems the DCMA system allows. It's in effect the ultimate griefer's charter, as even though there is in theory legal redress against those filing false DCMA reports, in reality it would cost a lot to pursue in order to claim such redress, and it's likely that the compensation wouldn't make it worthwhile pursuing.

    It may be cold comfort to creators in Second Life, but sadly as it's operated by a parent company based in the USA then US law applies, and as such the somewhat flawed DCMA system. I'm not saying that the European system is any better, as it's perhaps too much the other way, and in it's own way doesn't protect itellectual property well enough as it requires at least a solicitor's (attorney's) letter to make a legal challenge, but that is probably safer than the DCMA system which appear open to abuse.

    As far as the WowMeh mesh body is concerned - I managed to buy one a few days before the item was removed from the Marketplace, and I have so say that it's probably one of the best things I've ever bought in SL. The price was very competetive too, and that could well have provided something of a jealous motive to hinder it's justified popularity. Since I have been in SL I have tended to avoid content produced by the greedy creators and supported those creators who make nice stuff for reasonable prices. As in RL, those labels that command a high price are going to be the targets of those who will copy and copyright infringe, I am not sympathetic to that, but on the other hand, what do they expect? WomMeh achieved a couple of things that I could see that rivals would not like at all: a really well made and featured product at a reasonable price, plus the fact that it was a mesh body part, which for some reason commands a pretty extortionate price, usually.

  33. Anonymous says:

    @ "Odessa", you dont need a judge to process a DMCA. It's not up to LL to approve a DMCA, their job is to simply PROCESS it, nothing more. They're required by law to do so. So how about you take a hike and learn what the fuck you're talking about before you spout any more idiocy, mkay? If anyone is the THIEF, it's YOU. You went after CK when he busted you for stealing his Cute Azz and now you're going after wowmeh? How pathetic are you?? LOL!! As I said before, One day you'll falsely DMCA the wrong person and that'll be the end for you :) Keep at it! I hope you keep going the way you're going so that it catches up with you :)

  34. So many dumb people here, blind or plain stupid.

    Innocent people don't give up. If all you fanboys claim would be true, the WoWMeh creator would fill a counter complain.

    They don't, for very obvious reasons: Cause they know that they did illegal stuff and there is no chance to win this case in front of a court. And losing a law suit means paying ALL the costs: Your lawyer, court costs and the lawyers of the other party.

    No scammer, stealer or pirate is going to risk that, when they know exactly that there is NO CHANCE to win.

    Why the hell do you think the owner of WoWMeh fears that his or her personal data may be visible to that other person? Of course, cause then they can bring him or her to court.

    I hope that the original copyright owner does take steps to identify the identity of the stealers and bring them to justice and sue them for several 100k USD.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Odessa, after reading all of your comments on here, it is very clear to me that you have no idea how this whole process works, in or outside of the court system. You're a troll; slinging mud, trying to intimidate, and simply enjoying mayhem. That is all that you are. I feel pity for those close to you.

    Baby, I love your work and will support you as best I can. I commend you for your actions and openness. You have a lot of support here, remember that.

  36. Silent says:

    I have to agree when the others state it's the competition someone is afraid of, I went to try to buy this body for an alt today and just discovered it was gone, looking forward to the updated one and one for my alt too, I refuse to purchase from the others, the quality is nowhere near as good and the prices are outrageous.

  37. Silent says:

    As for you Odessa, take a hike, your language skills and ability to understand what is happening are so low your either retarded or a 15 year old boy playing with himself.

    To the original creator of wowmeh who is being unfairly attacked, you will always have my support.

  38. D: when are the new bodies supposed to come out -.- my moneys just sitting there ugh so hard not to spend it lol I'm trying tho.

  39. Baby, to me it looks (without a shade of doubt) that someone is trying to pull you out of the market by whatever means, as they are not able of competing fairly in the market (by product quality or price or both)
    I got your body not too long ago and since then, I haven't removed it... I love it sooooo much I wouldn't wear any other
    I can do nothing else than giving you all my support and hope that you are "back into business" soon

  40. Silent says:

    Couldn't agree more Michelle, I think these claims need to be looked into more, who can make one etc, the system is obviously flawed when someone can just file a claim and destroy someones SL business simply to remove them from the market which is what I truly believe has happened here, it happened to Curio skins too, the poor woman had to wait years only to prove in the end she had violated no copyright laws and her store is now re-opened again.

    Is there any news at all when this new body is coming out? holding onto my money too to buy it for my alts :)

  41. Can anyone find another quality fitmesh body? I cannot - maybe there is one that I missed? I looked across a few grids to find one. Nothing I see like WowMeh. Not mentioning any names, but where are best quality shoes aimed at and whose other mid height feet were only ones to fit? hmmm....

  42. Anonymous says:


    You seem to have access to profound informations in regard to CK's case.

    Please, can you reveal the inworld name of "Odessa", so that we won't purchase anything from him by mistake?

  43. Anonymous says:

    I just think it's a shame that so many feel the need to defame others (true or not). The WowMeh product has set a standard in the mesh body market. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon and the revised body will be released. In the meantime, slinging mud is not going to resolve ANY of the situations and just makes all those involved look bad. Get over all the hateful remarks and trolling and simply try to make the best of a difficult situation. I am really tired of all the immature behavior in-world and out.

  44. I love the wowmeh. I don't understand what you did so wrong. But I respect and support you 100%. A great Product thank you for wowmeh.

  45. I love my wowmeh body and support you 100% there are alot of bullsh*t DCMA filings going around and this sounds like yet another. I personally cant wait for your new release once you do come back.

  46. @lipstickandpoison: Not counterfilling an DCMA is EXACTLY the proof that the person is guilty. It's same as if you get accused to kill someone and be thrown into prison and you don't do a counter law suit to proof your innocence. You are basically saying "I a guilty".

    All of your pitiful pirates are so. You are not the first scum I see who steel stuff and act innocent when getting caught. I know so many people who got a letter from lawyers because they illegally downloaded movies, games and porn.

    8 out 10 people paid without going to lawyer, cause they knew they were guilty and it would be waste of money, cause when you lose you have to pay ALL costs. Yours and of the other lawyers and court fees.

    The 2 out of 10 people who didn't paid, took a lawyer and won, cause they were innocent.

    You 15 year old brats with no hairs on your balls, always crying when you get caught. Cheats, scammers, pirates. They all act same. Seen bunch in 30 years, will see more in the next 30.

    You losers just can't admit that you did steal stuff when get caught. Get some balls, or better: Don't steal in the first place, then it won't hurt you

  47. I am really glad that i got the body before the claim was filled, and i can say I have searched all over mp for mesh bodies, none of them were up to to my standards, of what I liked or would wear. I however, do think that the bs back and forth pointing fingers and "Assuming of guilt is uncalled for" case I hate to tell you, Odessa walk across sl mp, if you don't know ever hair and product you have no idea if its copy botted, unless in comments someone say HEY THIS IS SUCH AND SUCH'S HAIR YOU SCAMMER. Most wouldn't know. or your as old as dirt and have been there forever, and you spend your every waking moment shopping. I do not, i don't have the time for it, cause i have an rl too. Yes omg a suit was filled, but guess what at the same time this one was filled, a whole slew of creators got smacked with them, by someone making sure to cause chaos across the grid. I can tell you what a system is a system, which is not without its flaws and ways to use it improperly. AND i have a feeling that for you to go to such extents just on the first page to argue and shove your opinions in the "fan girls and boys faces" makes me wonder the legitness of your own opinion...which oh wait everyone has them...and is entitled to them, doesn't make them right or true.

  48. Silent says:

    In the meantime, can someone gag odessa, sounds bitter much? lol so unbecoming.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Yeah I'm bored with this asshole now so drink in my last words to you because these will be the last I waste on your pathetic existence.

    I know enough about DMCA law to choke you with it. Wanna try me?

    YOU are the thief here, not anyone else. It's funny how you haven't offered up your own personal info, yet you expect the owner of wowmeh to do so? I wonder why that is?? Hmmm, exactly as I thought.

    You're nothing but a common thief and that is all you will ever be, nothing more. And I'll be extremely happy when you falsely dmca the wrong person and they sue you into the ground. KBYE! You can officially fuck off now. :)

  50. Well I was interested in seeing and possibly purchasing this product, but I understand. What's really sad is that anyone can report things as being infringed upon, and all they have to do is give a name, LL most the time does not actually physically go into SL and look at both products to compare, nor do they tell you who you were infringing upon, which is in RL against the law, but in SL terms they have the power not to reveal that information. Still they should at least tell you what part of your product or in whole was flagged for the infringement. I bet you will come back with a product even stronger and better then the last anyway, show them up <3

  51. I repeat. That plain bullshit. If everyone could fill a DMCA complaint without real evidence, then there would be not a single product in Second Life.

    You blind fanboys and fangirls can't take the truth, that your oh so beloved vendor is nothing else than a fucking thief.

    I deeply hope your so belove thief will be dragged in front of the court and sued every single cent out of his or her pitiful existence.

    This is the only way to fight thieves these days

  52. This was a very old post. Baby has already stated that the DMCA was filed against her skins, which she bought full perm without knowing they were already stolen. She's removing them as well as any trace of other 3rd party textures.

    Instead of coming in here like a raving lunatic, next time do a little more investigating.

  53. I never bought Wowmeh shapes, although i kinda regret it a little now but i never really was a big fan. But what I saw on this forum is just sad.
    stealing is bad of course, but sl is a game afterall, a really creative game and chasing people who create beautiful things like this is just a shame.
    I think LL should be the judge of these things before they go to court. Designers and brand names as big as wowmeh deserve thair extra attention.
    U.S laws are to be respecter of course, but we don't all live in the U.S and are not all aware of what is copyrighted there and what is not. So a little tolirance on issues like this would have been much more logical at least in my opinion....
    My heart goes out to you and hope this ends quickly and fairly without anyone feeling let down..

  54. Kaliope says:

    I'm sorry to hear. Just when I wanted to buy the shape I realized it was gone. I wonder if there would be so many claims if the accuser was forced to show his or her hand at the time they make the claim and that the items in questions for BOTH are ordered down until the investigation is complete

  55. Ahahahahahahah

    You stupid fanboys. You who blindly trusted this pirate now must be really disappointed that the creator not only admitted to have used stolen thing but right now it was announced that the person in question was banned from Second Life. AHAHAHAHA so funny.

    You try to hide it by stating "being hacked", but everyone knows: It's a ban. First pirate, than a mysterious hack? Hilarious! Every sane person see the truth behind this decision.

    Its same as with pedophiles who get caught and say "I was put in prison innocent" lol. Such bullshit

  56. Bea P says:


    1. The regulations governing DMCA notices are heavily in favor of the issuer.

    2. If a DMCA notice is filed against you, you must act quickly if you wish to contest it. You have no time to dither (I think you will be given 2 days to contest) If someone files a notice against you, you must file a complete, correct and satisfactory counter-notification faxed to Linden Lab in couple of days.

    3. Someone may file a DMCA notice against you with complete anonymity as far as you're concerned. While they have to give their identity to Linden Lab, that information is never available to you, unless you choose to pursue additional legal actions above and beyond DMCA notices.

    4. Once a DMCA notice has been filed, your identity is held hostage to whatever content has been nominated in the notice. You must divulge your identity to the person who filed the notice, via Linden Lab, in order to have your content returned to you.

    5. After you counter file, the issuer (i.e. the unknown filer of the original DMCA notice) will be given ten days to commence further legal action against you, in accordance with DMCA guidelines. At this point you would want to know who filed DMCA against you, for what reason etc. etc. Linden Lab will not divulge this information, citing the privacy clauses of the Second Life Terms of Service.

    6. The unknown DMCA issuer now has the option NOT to respond within 10 days and let the whole thing go! At this point items will be returned to you. But damage is already done with no loss or consequences to the unknown DMCA issuer.

    NO ACTION whatsoever taken against the issuer! But your rl identity and adrress is now known to the unknown DMCA issuer!!!

    Now if you want you can pay a lawyer to go after the unknown issuer through LL. Most content creators hardly make ends meet let alone have money set aside to file lawsuits!

    No matter what, it is a lose-lose situation for YOU if a DMCA is filed against you. You either lose content or you lose money. You cannot even find a pro bono lawyer to take these cases (because they know most of these unknown issuers are not rich to begin with so even if you win the case you get no compensation)

    The law sucks.

  57. Shut up, pirate scum.

    I hope all of you will be banned. Forever. Stealing scum has no place in this world

  58. Lex B says:

    Good lord. There should be an IQ requirement to post on these things. Do you, Odessa, even KNOW what it is that was allegedly stolen? Or are you just that desperate to stir up drama in a vain attempt to give yourself some kind of demented fulfillment? I don't even have the Wowmeh body, but from my stand point, it looks like some malicious person is doing their very best to drag this poor woman through the ringer. And then, there are imbeciles out there slinging insults using vague generalities without citing any facts. So, until you can produce proof, for an absolute and irrefutable fact, that something was stolen, why don't you keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself? And yes, actually, you CAN file a DMCA without proof or evidence. It simply has to be "made in good faith" that the item in question is in fact stolen.

  59. Demkitty says:

    I would almost say that Odessa is the one who hacked Baby's account.

    The vitriol she spews just makes her a prime suspect.

  60. Bea P says:

    Odessa, It will help if you tell us what was stolen!

    Can you please list the name of items that were stolen along with the name of the original content creator? I assure you I will never buy anything from Baby if someone can produce proof of this stolen content.

    I cannot accept a DMCA filed by an anonymous person as proof. The problem is I still don't know how to identify the stolen part in that mesh body! Since you seem to know what is stolen..why don't you share it with the rest of us?

    If this is about copyright violation of some full perm item, please say so. We just want to know the details so we can make an educated decision on whether this content creator deserves our support or not!

    I've decided to support Baby since I don't have any proof of stolen content. I will support you if you can produce proof against Baby!

    For instance, if you believe the wowmeh feet is stolen, please list the name of the original feet creator so the readers can double check and confirm! This is a very simple situation: please tell us what is stolen, we will stop supporting Baby and will start support you instead!

  61. Carro M says:

    Wowmeh being targeted this way is only making sense. It's in my belief not a infringement. I believe it's the competition, i'd not name any in particular because i can't remotely fathom who'd go to sutch lengths but we dont have to look far and wide, it's a major player losing cakeslices here. But, with others ideas of a mesh body, wowmeh being rather perfcted, they'd stand no chance in regard to make sales on what they release so obviously, it had to dissapear, if only temporary.

    Also someone previously mentioned SLink's body. And now when it's out, i don't think many ends up buying a mesh body that in it's maxed out state cannot even measure up to what the original SL body has to offer. This is my opinion; i think it's god awful.

    Right now theres a vaccum. Me for one, i'll wait. Wowmeh is the Original, and i'll wait til you got all the kinks ironed out and can release 100% safe work and set the score once and for all.

  62. My account have been put on Hold by LL because "It was brought to their attention that I was distributing the DMCA'd work renamed, and i was in receipt for it". You all know i wasn't selling it since i got the takedown, and that "WowMeh - Silhouette" wasn't the old product simply renamed: apparently LL investigation didn't got this facets.
    I trought I was hacked because my password have been changed and they logged into my account to check somethingIdon'tknowwhat: i'm so sorry for the rash but I was really really upset.
    I'm taking my steps to protect "my 7 months of work" and our body, but I don't have other informations I can publicly share at the moment.
    I kindly ask you all, for the last time, to wait the law process, and please to understand that i'm ONE, non USA and young person: respect my (peraphs excessive) discretion and attitude and not be pretending on what i can't do.

    @ Any*Goon: I don't care WHO, but I would love to know WHY!
    I've nothing against you, not to anyone.
    I belive I didn't do anything of bad to deserve this treatment, if so I apologize.
    Any real help to understand what is happening would be appreciated and paid back <3

  63. @Baby - If you set up a PayPal account, or some other type of donation in the real world, I would be happy to help for legal fees. I'm sure many others would too!!

  64. Anonymous says:

    Oh Baby! Such a turmoil!

    As Ginger posted here above:
    Please, do tell how to support you besides the inworld channels.


  65. Having had the opportunity over the past week, to really see the WowMeh body in use, really, I'm sold. There's nothing else like it on the market.

    I am sincerely looking forward to when you get this dmca hassle sorted out.. because the product just looks amazing. My store is more of a specialty outfits store, but I definitely want to make skin and clothes appliers to work with whatever comes next from WowMeh.

  66. Sadly, as per my understanding of the process, the remaining options are probably limited.

    LindenLabs do not spend any time acting as a judge on this matter. They have their internal procedures for this type of situations, and they are partially or in full based on local law and taking into account to protect LL's business and brands.

    It is my understanding, from a strictly clinical interpretation of what I have heared and read about the process, that the only way to 'unlock' a DMCA is to counter-file (which you had your reasons for not doing) - or if the originally filer withdraws.

    This, as per my understanding, has the result that no matter how much you *change* a product/work that is DMCA'd, as long as it contains ANY traces of the DMCA'd item, you are still considered in violation.

    Bottom line:
    You will most likely need to create a *new* product and make sure *every* single part of that new product constitutes a NEW work. All ties to the DMCA'd product will need to be severed - a 'just' new release of it is sadly unlikely to do.

  67. You dumb dumb fanbois.

    I told you all the time, the creator is a god damn liar and stealer. "Hacked account" my ass. Linden Labs don't need to change your password to check your inventory you liar or anything else, they can simply check it without it.

    Your lies will confirm only further more of your guilt.

    @Fanbois: AHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Dumbs, blind dumbs. Don't believe when the truth smash your head

  68. stop defaming me!
    You are ridiculous!
    The error reported was exactly as I tried to connect: incorrect password.
    I'm really getting tired Odessa GermanBoy.
    Tell me why or stop.

  69. Cause you are nothing else than a thief. Everytime you come with new lies to hide the inevitable truth and you are just to cowardish to admit it.

    You lied on so many occassions. No person who really knows that he or she is innocent would not fill counter-file. But you did, cause you knew you were guilty and filling counter-file would only bring you into prison since there is no chance to win it.

    Next, you get banned and you lie that your account was hacked. Seriously, how stupid do you think the people are? Being hacked soon after DCMA complaint? C'mon, not even 6 year olds believe this shit.

    Your account being banned, is just the proof that you WERE in fact guilty and Linden Labs seems to have found enough evidence to ban you.

    Now stop the games, get some guts/balls and admit it whose stuff you stole, so people can honor the original creator with the L$ and the leave Second Life and never come back and be happy that they didn't threw you in prison yet.

  70. Anonymous says:

    What would be good is that you change the style of your blog : it is very difficult to read it, with a dark background and dark fonts. Thanks.

  71. Anonymous says:

    @Odessa Silverberg
    I think you are a troll. If you are not, just tell us who you are in SL and maybe we will understand your accusations. I don't want to take part about this DMCA but I can say that: 1) I compared several demos of mesh bodies and wowmeh's body is certainly not a copy of another one available in SL ; because it is better shaped ; only the mesh body of the MeshProject is better but *only* for small breasts. So I really don't see what wowmeh's mesh body would be the copy of ; 2) SL is stuck by the law and they don't want any trouble with anyone so they shut down accounts a little bit too easily I think ; 3) LindenLab staffs are never online, they do not understand what they created, I mean they do not understand SL, the proof the recent announcement of a new virtual world or the catastrophic UI of the viewer 2.0, they say themselves that they are never online and they seem to be proud of that so I don't think that they are aware of 1).

    I can just repeat as a conclusion : disclose your SL identity, we will see and maybe we will agree with you. But I think that you are just a troll.

  72. Sinead says:

    May I suggest to just ignore Herrn Silberberg?

    That's how to treat griefers and trolls:
    ignore them.

  73. Lex B says:

    Baby, this person is absolutely idiotic and apparently does this just to try and get a rise out of you. They are trying to claim things as fact, when it is no more than speculation or flat out wrong. The best thing you can do is ignore them, and keep on doing what you are doing. If they think you are a thief, let them prove you are, not worry yourself over proving you are not when nothing you do is going to convince them otherwise...even if it is the truth. I can honestly say, Odessa's comments have not done anything but strengthen my belief that you have been treated wrongly. Obviously, this person had other intentions, but their continuous claims with lack of proof or genuine fact leads me to believe they are the ones guilty of something and trying to cover their own ass by attempting to shove the blame onto you. You've got so much support from people who love (or...want to love, for the non-owners) your product, that there is nothing one person can possibly do short of providing undeniable proof of your guilt (which is obviously never going to happen because a) it probably doesn't exist and b) all this person has done so far is made empty claims and hurled insults) to make people turn their back on you. The only thing this person is doing is making people love you even more. So, fail on their part if they thought their slander was going to do you any harm. I don't own the Wowmeh, but, just from what I have seen, your work is amazing. And there are going to be people out there who are envious of that and will do whatever they can to tear you down. Don't let them. You got this. <3

  74. Demkitty says:


    You just need to *shut the f**k up*.

    You're a troll, a worthless scumbag troll with nothing better to do than cause trouble. You seriously need to be put in your place. Do us all a favor and jump off a cliff, and make sure it's nice and jagged on the bottom. Thanks.

  75. Silent says:

    As tempting as it may be to tell a fool what you truly think of them, may I suggest that none of us make any reply to Odessa, that's what feeds it, the moment you ignore it, it will have nothing to do.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Odessa Silverberg
    Why don't you Point out the maker that makes those bodys then! All the bodys i ever found suck ass and look NOTHING like wowmeh! so how did she steal? because she didnt. its people like you that make sl sucky! So Do everyone a favor lock your self in a hot car!

  77. dear baby,
    please don´t be annoyed by all the jealous people (odessa & co) and parasites. never give up,pls! I will always stand behind you and your product. come as soon as possible! we wait with longing and full of joy!
    abbraccio xania :)

  78. Anonymous says:

    Baby, why don't you counter? You keep asking why? You don't keep your customers updated and you blame LL . I can't support you if you're not going to defend your customers and the Wowmeh body. SO PLEASE COUNTER!

  79. Just a bunch of blind idiots.

    How many proofs do you fucking fanboys need more? The shop was closed, the account banned.

    I wrote that the account was banned in the minute that it was announced. But the cowardish creator waited days until it was inevitable to keep this lie going on and admitted that her account was banned.

    And also further up also admitted what she was stealing.

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.
  81. hey odessa you stupid thing!
    if anyone here is an idiot, then you!
    what do you want from baby, the group and their supporter?
    on your shit that you are spreading here, no one is interested! don´t you see? too dumb? I don´t care! piss off from here and harass another blog! ty!
    some people seem to live a very sad and poor life.
    in this sense ...
    F*** you!

  82. Anonymous says:

    Odessa was it the skins? I don't understand if Baby has a lawyer why would they tell her to send out Wowmeh 3.1 with Silhouette? Baby be honest do you even have a lawyer?

  83. and one more thing you nasty thing! I'm a real girl / woman! maybe you have eggs in trousers! also it should not interest you, who or what babies / wowmeh fans are! finally give calm and fuck off! no one wants you here!

  84. Anonymous says:

    Is Odessa right? Baby you owe your customers some answers? Please tell us the truth? Neither body will be released again or in the future?. You violated the DMCA again and now both body's will never see the Sunlight again? Odessa come help !

  85. Odessa actually does not know anything really. If you look through the search inworld..there is no person named Odessa. Odessa is a troll and very possibly also the one who did the DMCA..or an alt from the creator who did the DMCA. Personally, Baby should have counterfiled since the person who did this, would not have followed through any further, simple because the DMCA was false. No, that's not speculation either Odessa. Instead of throwing around accusations with no proof, try proving your accusations. SHOW US THE PROOF darling, or shut the heck up.

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.
  87. This comment has been removed by the author.
  88. oki.. third time lucky;)pardon, but english isn´t really my first language.. but that's neither here nor there... ;)
    odessa aka kobekisses aka... !
    I know who you are! I am aware that for a longer time. you have spoken to me some time ago, where you sell your ugly asses.. in my opinion! you spoke to me in German (i also speak german because currently i live in germany) very badly over other designer (phat/cute ..) and that although i did not know you! you wanted to persuade me that i buy your product! can you remember?! i can remember very well! i was really shocked about so much envy! you're wrong snake! LL should ban you and no one else! we should collect all the signatures and say LL who you REALLY ARE! how can something happen that LL punishes the wrong???! there's something wrong and it must be stopped!
    you evil thing! puke!

  89. Anonymous says:

    Menalina just hit the nail on the head ;)

    You're exactly right! I was wondering if anyone else knew about him going after CK Winx first. Now he's going after Baby and he's making himself SO obvious LOL!

  90. Anonymous says:

    Been doing some investigation. .. the person after baby is Amanda Cerna aka Dusky Jewel. Can't go into details but sorry I ever doubted you Baby! Lets please stop all the hate on Baby blog.

  91. @lipstickandpoison
    yes, so is it and not otherwise. ;)
    i have never meddled in a sl drama (how do we call it?,)).
    but that makes me angry when i see how those damn rats / snakes, crawl through sl in order to disperse their poison. absolutely disgusting!
    i don´t really know baby and i don´t care how old she is and whether she is a man or a woman. i don´t really care! that does not matter. but fact is: i love love love... her product *WOWMEH*! that's all. and when i see that such people (we know who ...) want massive harm others with their malignancy, then I can not and will not keep calm my mouth! and hey.. i am italian ;)
    i hope that justice will prevail! although it often is not the case, unfortunately!
    but .... the hope dies last!
    in this sense ...
    HOPE! ;)

  92. Anonymous says:

    @934... What is the relation between trains and mesh bodies ? (I've just read the profiles by curiosity) I don't understand.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Menlina and Xania are the same person! The fact that youre making multiple user names should show anyone you are full of caca! Why should anyone believe a word you write? Its plain to see you cant even decide who you are! Your spewing of accusations against a certain booty maker is just what Baby does not need. Anybody with a brain knows what booty you are talking about.Why start drama for baby with them?

  94. Alexander says:

    You're an idiot. I don't need to explain why

    @ Dahlia Orfan
    Looking at the thread on SLU related to this issue, Dusty seems to also have made a mesh butt, and the person has competition issues. Having gone after several other mesh creators in the past

  95. Anonymous says:

    Menalina! Odessa is not Kobe I am Kobe! You dumb bitch. I never created a Goddamn thing for any fucking game. You dumb goddamn twat! I'm not Odessa but I tell you what.! She is right.You people are fast to acuse and don't know shit but how to sit on your fat asses and wish you looked like the wowmeh! If that's all you have to do in life well then, If it makes you happy everyone can keep thinking I'm Odessa because, I don't care and have nothing to lose by it. Only the real people that are involved know what is going on. I think Odessa is like me and thinks all of you fan babies are stupid as fuck for not seeing by babys non action or concern for her customers that she is guilty as sin!

  96. Alexander says:

    Kobe, you were laughed out of the SLU forums for what you're doing here. An extreme lack of self awareness and an apparent admission that you know nothing about what you're posts. All you have at this point is trolling.

    Baby has her account back, the new mesh has been found free if DMCA violation, and baby is working with LL to sort out the last of the issues.

    The only thing baby seems to be guilty of is doing a great job of proving you wrong. A lack of counter dosnt make some one guilty. It makes them careful. You're butt hurt, and it shows. Cry some more.

  97. Anonymous says:


  98. Anonymous says:

    My butt hurts.. gotta big old hard black turd just for Alexanders fudge packing enjoyment. It may have corn in it so be careful!

  99. Alexander says:

    Kobe has given a Perfect demonstration and proof to my claims. He/she/it does not deny any thing I posted and instead goes that extra mile to validate it. I'd thank you, Kobe, if it wasn't so unfathomablly pathetic for you. We'll just flush the toilet you're floating in now, a cantankerous piece of shit such as your self deserve nothing less.

  100. im sorry this is happening to you Baby, hope everything is going fine for you now... I send positive Karma your way

  101. Anonymous says:

    Deny what.? Lets see Alexander didn't deny fudge packing did it? Does your butt hurt now?

  102. Alexander says:

    I never refute nore deny that you're an idiot Kobe. I don't need to, it's on clear display. You've made it very clear you like having your fudge packed, as you're putting it. It explains why your head is packed so deep.

  103. Anonymous says:

    Alexander that's bull shit! You have no fucking idea what Baby is doing because baby hasn't made a comment about anything since July 24th on the mesh site and some Insults to the person she called a Germanboy or something like that here! There she goes throwing acusations at the German booty maker in SL...Im certainly hope im not the only one that caught that!That's my problem with her she needs to defend herself, her customers and the body. Her people want to know what's going on! Even if it's just a goddamn 1 sentence reply! I'm sorry Baby is a coward! She should stand up or go away!

  104. Anonymous says:

    I'm crazy ....but im no idiot....I know exactly what I've written about. I seriously don't want you private messaging me like you did wanting to know my bra size. So if you don't mind ...please stop! Before I let my husband handle things!

  105. Alexander says:

    You haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about, and never did. Your newest post highlights this glaringly. Your call for her to defend herself drips with desperation more than any thing else.

    She's defended her self by making this post on her blog explaining her situation and pointing out why it would be in her best interest not to file a counter DMCA. The fact that she is not comfertable releasing her private information to an accuser who remains anonymous unless they decide to sue her has been explained to you and Odessa, repeatedly. Its like beating a dullard over the head with a rock, it seems. You're not getting the oh so obvious point, and seem to be devolving into further stupidity as a result. You're either the worst troll to attempt this art or seriously just that brain damaged.

    She has defended her fan base. Here, her store, and the group. She owes neither you nor us any more of an exlplination than what she's given. Stop being a petulant, self-entitled child and live with that. Or cry some more about it.

    If some one is iming you about your bra size I can say with absolute certainty it isn't me. I'm not interested in people who mention the contents of their butt hole so readily to strangers. The sheer thought you even think you can force me onto the defensive by claiming such has me in titter (ha) fits.
    But if you're really such a coward that lying about me PMing you isn't enough, go ahead and involve your husband. I'll be more than happy to tell him he's married to a brain dead bimbo, chances are though he's none too smart himself if he married you.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Alexander you been pming me on SLU on my alt for the last week! You know I'm telling the truth.! You know who I am!

  107. Alexander says:

    I don't know what your alt is and I don't have an account on SLU. The only reason I know you're kobekisses is because you told on back on the forth. I remember going through one of the wowmeh threads over there and watching you get torn to shreds. Your accusation is false. Would you like to accuse me of murderer next? I just murdered any chance you stood of being taken seriously as anything more than a self entitled cry baby.

  108. Anonymous says:

    You're so full of shit! I have the pm's as proof. You told me you were bi and that you sometimes play SL with a female avatar. Quit denying it. Your sexual orientation is none of my concern. I have some Gay friends. I do have a understanding as to why you would deny. Some people just dont accept it. You once told me that you feel more accepted in SL than in the real world. I feel for you I really do!

  109. Alexander says:

    Post 'em then. Since you're so sure it's me I give you permission to post my private IMs to you, and this person has been posting for over a week now you should have plenty of logs to offer up as proof. I eagerly await what your mind can make up on the fly. Who knows, maybe making up IMs is something you're actually good at.

  110. Anonymous says:

    First, Baby calling Odessa "Germanboy" had nothing to do with "the German booty maker in SL." It had to do with Odessa's Blogger profile. Odessa is in Germany and a gamer.

    Second, this kind of behavior is the reason Baby closed the group in world. This one will be next, I'm sure, if you guys don't chill. This kind of childish mudslinging solves nothing. Accusations and assumptions by anyone on here are just foolish.

    The ONLY person who knows whether Baby considers herself innocent or guilty is Baby. The rest of us can only assume or go on hearsay. Both of which are unreliable sources. I've bitten my tongue and played nice with all sides of this stupid mesh war but it's getting ridiculous.

    So, everyone has two choices. Wait it out or move on.

  111. I'm sorry, but i think wowmeh will not come back.
    I really can't manage all this all alone, i'm not professional enough nor I was ready for this big success and troubles.
    I'm really sorry to delude you all but for now i can't do any better.
    By my side wowmeh project is closed, at least for now.

  112. sad to read this but thank you for letting us know.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Okay. .. seems the DMCA was legit or she wouldn't not give up..

  114. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear this Baby. Still the best body out there, and it will be sadly missed.

    If you change your mind, please know many of us are still here to support you.

    Don't let nameless trolls get to you.


  115. To read that there will be no more Wowmeh breaks my heart, it's the best body out there and I'll go back to my system shapes before I go to anyone else.

    I'm so sorry you feel the need to let this go and I so wish it wasn't the case. I'd give anything to keep Wowmeh going and on the market.
    I'm not sure if it's the stresses of the work, or the ignorant people - but I truly hope you're able to move past them and change your mind one day. You've created an amazing and beautiful thing here, that a good number of us love. Know that should you ever decided to try again, we'll still be here to support you in that adventure too.

    Please excuse me while I go cry in the corner now. ='(

  116. It sucks to see this happen for a few reasons, the top being, wowmeh was an edited version of the secondlife avatar, much like bit's toodleedoo av. If you model AT ALL, it's easy to see. The second life avatar is open source and anyone who works on mesh can see this. So essentially linden lab has allowed someone to claim ownership of the second life model by tearing it down in the name of a false DMCA. Second the issue is how messed up the DMCA can be, the second take down occured (from what I was told) because the updater sent out the first (taken down model) before it sent out the updated. In both situations its hugely unfair to bit, and someone out there (whom ever DMCAed) is being dishonest in the name of money, and is also likely using the SL avatar as their base. Which if you are unaware many do. The "phat azz" was an edited second life avatar base, and so is [banned] in all forms. So really this boils down to abuse and bullying. While I wasnt one to wear wowmeh, because im not a fan of the sl av body no matter how smoothed out, I am a fan of creators rights. I am sorry this happened to you.

  117. Edit to my original comment: Hugely unfair to Baby, not Bit.

  118. Ceyna says:

    In all honesty, if I were in this person's shoes, I'd probably call it quits too. After reading the disgusting, vile, uncalled for BS that was in this thread...on top of the BS that an unknown person piled on her...heck, I'd say F it and walk away; this was something she obviously spent a lot of time and effort on creating, because she wanted to make something better for SL...she gets no massive wealth from it, no RL celebrity was purely for the love of creating. Her deciding enough is enough means nothing more than she just had enough of the crap, and I personally don't blame her one bit.

  119. It is very sad to hear this, after all Wowmeh is a very beautiful design! Hope you can find partners to take forward your ideas with your designs and resurface stronger than before. I leave here my best hug and hope that you find the shortest possible a way to return. Your work is an excellente level. Kisses

  120. Anonymous says:

    LL is not at fault here. ..LL did this ..LL did that... why do you people keep blaming LL? LL is just following procedure to protect themselves. Why even play second life if you think LL is so wrong?

    Baby is the one who did not counter to defend her customers and fans. LL didnt make her decision. The DMCA was legit. An Innocent person would counter. Nobody wants to give their personal Info out but other SL people that have countered had to do It. Baby Is no exceptional case. She even admitted that she was using product she purchased but hyper modified. Then writes she is innocent and didnt break any copywrite.I mean really? You just admitted your guilt there.. That's the real reason she didn't counter she knew she would lose. She messed up. Everyone does.

    What is really wrong here is her lieing. Why lie about having a lawyer? There Is no lawyer In this world that would tell her to rerelease a DMCA Item..She wrote here she had a lawyer that took her 2 weeks to find. She obviously didnt use them.Why delude those that stuck up for her so long?

    Money for legal fees wouldn't have been an issue either. The Wowmeh group and fans were willing to set up a legal fund for Baby. Also she had an offer from a person named #ss@&e?lA in the group for a lawyer but she refused the help.

    I don't hate baby or wish her bad or anything I just wish she would have been honest and didn't have her fans hanging for so long when she knew all along.

    I am glad she finally updated everyone. They deserved to know where the Wowmeh stood just sooner though.

  121. false DMCA's have now flown to 3 seperate stores using the sl av as their base. So....yeah, the problem currently lies with the DMCA system. I agree that she should have countered, if anything to get the information of the person filing.

  122. It is really sad that you feel this way, Baby. There have been so many designers who have been in your same situation before so you are NOT alone in this. And even if you think you are not professional enough for this situation, neither were they when it happened to them. I believe that if you just hang in there a bit longer, that you will overcome this shit and prevail. You have so many people who are supporting you and your designs that seeing you being bullied out of the market altogether is very sickening.

    I have seen so many people being bullied over nonsense that its enough to discourage any new and upcoming designer. If all else fails, take what is rightfully yours, learn from the mistakes you may/or have made and brush yourself off. Come back with a bang and have yourself covered so that no matter what happens, you know without any doubt the work is yours and fight. Don't cower down to the fuckwads who make a designers life miserable because they are not as popular as they would like to be.

    As for the DMCA system, there are plenty of loopholes in it. Just gotta know how to jump through them.

  123. Lemon says:

    I'm sorry to hear this but I understand why you need to drop it. What's has happened isn't right and the DMCA is flawed when it comes to using open source materials. I hope things get better for you.


  124. For 2 whole months I've been waiting for this to come back... I found out about wowmeh literally ONE DAY after this whole shit began.

    Now just..*sigh* I'm truly depressed right now. I'll be stuck with the basic SL avatar forever... None of the other body mesh I've seen I want. None of them. It was THIS one I wanted to go with...THIS one that I had my heart set on.

    I'm sorry all this crap happened to you Baby. But..*sigh*

  125. I think it is very bad when you don't have the professionalism to tell people that have donated to you and stuck by your side that you are quitting a project. A quick notice would suffice in your group. You were right in saying you were not professional enough for this. I love the product but the way this was gone about is ridiculous. People have offered help and it was all denied.

  126. Anonymous says:

    You know what is sad? Not even a thank you from Baby to you people that supported her through this mess. Not one!

  127. Anonymous says:

    I'm just sickened by all the harassment this lady has gone thru. Who is ANYONE to judge what she should have done or should do now. You be in her shoes and go thru the bs and you try to be inspired to go on. Curio skins took a huge blow and I feel for that designer. She was one THE first major skin designers in SL. Took a long time to come back.
    I had purchased a body awhile back. After reading this..I went in world and it was updated to the new body. I think its great. Baby..thanks for all the hard work and struggles you went thru. Go play and have fun! Give the drama lama's the *finger*

  128. Armaina says:

    For everyone saying that the DMCA takedown was flawed or wrong - you are incorrect.

    The LL base body is -NOT- open source. Unless the mesh was offered by Linden Labs itself and is clearly marked as Open Source, then it is not open source. Being the default body in Second Life does not make it Open Source. Anyone that used the ripped default body and altered for for parts, is in fact, violating copyright. Unless someone can find me some clear cut proof, that the Linden Labs default body is open source, then I do not see how Linden Labs could possibly be in the wrong.

  129. Bury Pink says:

    So yeah, LL did grant an open source license to the avatar mesh,

    You can find LL's CC-BY-3.0 grant in there.

  130. Bury pink just dropped the mic I think. Also armaina, use your brain, no offense or anything but for many years the second life avatar was purely what people used to make clothing. We used it for texture clothing, what do you think you wore for all those years? Assuming you came around before mesh. To add to that you can download the avatar on, they also offer it for the new c-bones system. Unless you create, please take a seat. For the rest of us popping in here trying to explain to you that the process if flawed and the body is open source, we know what we're talking about. We're not new to this rodeo. Going to just get a bunch of chairs for everyone. Secondlife started as an open source sandbox, even going so far as after emerald-gate forcing TPV's to use opensource software on their viewers. Which is also why back in the day you could build a home out of prims, and sell that home in world for real world money.

  131. *addition to the above* I could sell you a box of basic primitives in world and i still wouldn't be breaking LL's copyright. I could sell you the Sl avatar as is, and it wouldn't be breaking any licenses. Not saying I would want to or that would be remotely useful, but the body, and the primitives were put in place as tools to further creations in SL long before "Mesh" (even though the avatar and our world are mesh) was introduced to the grid. They are the foundational tools for everyone in world to be able to start building their world. So to see the DMCA be used to take down someone who is using these bodies, the FOUNDATION of what sl was built on, the TOOLS offered to EVERY CREATOR free of charge, is mind blowing and upsetting.

  132. Whatever the rules of LL are
    Whatever the DMCA bulshit is
    Whatever jealousy or bad thought around are
    Your job with wowmeh is just amazing and I want you back quick !!
    You have all my support
    PS: psiitt just think about the hud that is created lag IW ;)
    Best wishes

  133. Baby, I am sad to hear that you are ending WowMeh's run. However, I can understand that spending more time on legal matters than creating is not why any of us are here in SL, not to mention the out of pocket costs involved.

    I really do love my WowMeh and I thank you for creating it. I hope you are able to move on from this and either create a completely new product for us all to fall in love with or start working with the other up an coming mesh maker you have mentioned several times before. I think their project would benefit greatly from what you have learned from WowMeh. It would also benefit all of us and let you continue to create with a much larger defense base on your side. There was a suggestion on SL Universe that all the creators who were falsely accused of mesh body part DMCA violations should ban together in a class action law suit against the one making the false accusations. In the US this is done by a lawyer who provides their information in exchange for a cut of the winnings. So your identity is protected. Something for those on that other mesh project to think about just in case.

    Best wishes to you Baby and thanks again for the great body.

  134. So nice to see people that have the body speak their sadness while also stating how happy they are with it, whereas those of us who waited so long to get it are suddenly told it will never come, no matter how much we stuck by Baby and cheered her on through all this.

    I know it's not exactly Baby's fault, but I'm a little more than disappointed and put out by this...Especially when I try to look for other mesh bodies only to find none of them fit what I wanted my character to look like. Only Wowmeh did, and now I'll never be able to have it. I speak for everyone who waited patiently to get it only to be told they can't have it when I say: This Fucking Sucks.

  135. I just can't say it better than it has already been said: This Fucking Sucks indeed… And for all those who are spreading lies and bullshit about Baby and her work, do us all a favour and drop dead, will you? Having someone doing such a great job and just getting crap in return just feels so totally wrong. Looks like you already have to have a big name to be able to do something popular in SL. This is just totally discouraging.
    Don't listen to the bad people, Baby, they make a lot of noise, but they sure don't represent the majority. We are with you, whatever your decision will be. And even if you take a decision that makes us all sad…

  136. Anonymous says:

    Wowmeh was a big name and still is. Those that have the body will be able to buy new stuff for the body a long time still. Designers will continue to make clothes and accessories for the body as to many of them were sold .

    Wish Baby would have countered. I can't support a person that does not stand up for people that supported her through out this.

    Baby came to let everyone know she gave up in few sentences without a thank you to anybody that supported her. When you run a business you tell people how much you appreciate them and are thankful for thier support. They are the ones that helped you become the success you were...

    So baby by not countering the designers that continue to make clothing and such for YOUR wowmeh are the ones that will continue to benefit..they won't give up and deserve every LL they make.

    Those that didn't get to buy the Wowmeh have every right to be angry because they were strung along waiting for so long just to be let sorry she gave up on your dream..without an I'm sorry or thank you for your support.

  137. Unknown says:

    I really miss the support from all the girls in group. We had some really good talks. Can we get the group chat turned back on please? I miss my crazy girls lol!

  138. Unknown says:

    I don't know what happened with the group or why it was shut dowm this time? I just found out last night. Been on vacation for 2 weeks and come back to this news :( and no group chat. Hate whats happened with the body and with Baby :(Are the girls meeting somewhere else? Do we have a new chat? If not can we start one maybe call it wowgirls or something? I miss Bri, Hart, Azure and all you crazy girls. What can we do about our chat girls? We have to do somthing it's just not the same when I log on it's silent:( we had the best group in SL...

  139. Unknown says:

    I feel so bad for you I wish I could give everyone that doesn't have it one:( .maybe she will come back someday. Right now she probably just needs some time for herself.

  140. Anonymous says:

    In my opinion .I don't think anyone is trying to spread lies about Baby. People are just giving thier opinions.They cant get answers or any reply from baby . She doesnt update the way she should In my opinion.So this is kind of what happens, people speculate on what they think happened. If she would reply to comments sometimes if would be different. She would get more respect and some people would feel differently about this whole situation.

    Erika I respect your opinion but as for wishing someone drop dead it is really harsh and uncalled for in my opinion. It just doesnt make sense.I havent seen any death wishes for baby posted. Why even wish that on someone over some trivial shit like a mesh body? Even though you dont know these people. There are people here who have lost loved ones in real life and it's not a good feeling.

  141. We can only hope that Baby is just trying to take time to herself and figure out what to do next. The fact that she did not state anything official in SL itself gives just a tiny bit of hope for us who still want her mesh body.

    I hope I didn't sound overly selfish throughout my last few posts here. I was, and still am, incredibly disappointed and a bit put out. But at the same time I do hope Baby is doing okay, and that she'll learn from this and come back swinging.

  142. Bury Pink says:

    It's a flounce now, see Baby Ghosn profile picks. It has gone from "temporarily unavailable" to "not available anymore."

  143. Ah.. so that's that. *sighs* I'm done then. *leaves*

  144. Mystic says:

    I am sorry Baby has gone through this ordeal. However, I cannot say I blame her for the decision she made in walking away. Who is to say it will be permanent, sometimes a person has to walk away from an ordeal such as this to be able to think outside of the proverbial box. I am a huge fan of the body. It is perfect in every way. I do not expect a thank you from Baby because she gave us a true work of art. My only concern is will the body become an IP Replacement in the future? I design, or did design, clothing for the WowMeh body. I do this in my free time when school allows me. I have taken about an hour and a half of my life and read this thread of comments, and I have to say shame on some you. Odessa you really just want to stir the stinkpot and I have seen you egging these people on. In addition, those of you who have responded to this vile person with equal vile words are no better. You who support Baby should rise above this incoherent trash talking and not dive down to their low level. With that said, have a Blessed Day. Baby hope you do come back.

  145. Alexander says:

    I think the most amazing thing to happen with wowmeh is the sudden change in attitude Kobe is showing.

    When Baby was fighting the DMCA Kobe was all over the hate train. Practically its conductor. She was all over the SLU and any other site of relevance posting obscene, outlandish, and down right hateful things about Baby. Mostly it was Kobe either lying, proving she had no clue what she was talking about, and generally just making an ass of her self.

    Now look at her. Suddenly she's found her voice of reason, is being amiable, and is trying to be nice to people. I find this very telling as to the kind of person she is.

    By the way Kobe, I'm still waiting for you to post those logs.

    Now, on less fowl notes. I honestly hope Baby is simply biding her time, waiting for this all to blow over and then come back full force. What would be interesting is if she gave over her assets to some one else. Say, some one who wouldn't be afraid to file a counter?

  146. I'm sorry to hear that this has happened. I loved both the Wowmeh Insize and Oversize. I don't think you should totally scrap project Wowmeh. I think you should pitch your product to The Sharks. I wish you well on all of your endeavors.

  147. You fucking dumb morons still don't get it.

    You get scammed and you don't even notice it. Your stupidity is simply endless.

    That's what scammers always do. Steal content, sell it as their own and if they get caught beg for money in form of donation and then look for some lame excuse to disappear with all the money.

    A person who really is innocent would file counter complain, cause if you are innocent, there is no way in HELL the other person could win a law suit and if you win, you would not only get back in business but also get compensation for the loss of business for this wrongful claim.

    But scammers know: Scammers can't win in a court, cause they are guilty. And going to court would only cost them money and more. If they lose they not only have to pay compensation but also all costs of the law suit.

    You stupid morons just won't get it.


  148. Shelly W says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  149. Shelly W says:


    "Odessa".... you really have a hater hard-on for Baby... Gee I wonder why? Do you hate her for the same reason you hate CK Winx? Because they're better than you and your stolen [BANNED] mesh ass?


  150. @ Shelly that who Odessa is? I was wondering since she seems to be in a loop over this. Talk it to death…bury it...dig it up...resuscitate it...repeat...then sprinkle liberally with curse words to incite emotion but not add any validity to the argument.

    And the notion that if you are INNOCENT you should be willing to dump your Real Life savings into defending your Virtual World Product is just not logical unless it is your ONLY source of income. You cannot expect someone to do something you would not be willing to do yourself and I for one would not be willing to possibly go bankrupt suing a ghost. Because until whoever filed the DCMA (ghost) comes out on any forum and says they are the injured party, I will look at this as a case of jealousy which is what most disputes in Second Life boil down to (money, love, fame....)

    Truths: WowMeh is not available any longer. Even though WowMeh is not available a large number of people still prefer the WowMeh mesh body shape over any other mesh body out there. Those who have the WowMeh body will continue to wear it and feel sorry for those who are not able to buy it. UNTIL there is a better mesh body shape out there with the features of WowMeh at an affordable price, people will continue to talk about, wear and buy clothing for WowMeh.

  151. Lepra says:

    Lol, look at this ridiculous Shelly W... :D

    Thinking she's got any moral or right to let out crap about anyone, when you're clearly another of those dickheads and commanded bitches who think you'd have access to the textures CK Winx ripped, mixed, and distributed among 'friends' or any mild consideration of her:D

    Silly kid, you wont, lol, go move your crusade in favour of the biggest and laziest asshat of a maker and her silly clique somewhere else, you can't keep your cover, and hide the shit you're behind :D

    I hate bloggers who think they have any right to think you can reason, when you're just another brat and a leecher who insists on thinking you'll get benefits. This site is about Wowmeh, and its enthusiasts, not about a sore ass loser who can't keep her sea of alts or adapt to Market changes.

    You're the only one out there I found letting out this crap, for now, but this goes for all of your type. Grow up, go plant a tree.

    And, to you, Prettyweed, haha, how ridiculous you are... If I say I'm Santa, I can only expect you to shut up so to avoid being a naughty bafoon... I'm also tired of people like you who spread any crap you read, lol. A bit more of a critical view on things would do well in making you into a proper and sentient human being.

  152. @Lepra - I'm sorry you don't understand logic or how the legal system works in The United States. I didn't "spread any crap you read" in my comment. I asked a question and then made a statement that was my own followed by an explanation of the legal system in The United States and the facts about the current status of WowMeh. I'm sorry if you didn't understand.

    As far as having a "critical view" trust me I do. And that's why I wouldn't trust anyone dressed in a Santa fat suit offering me anything and I take your words as your opinion nothing more. You have a right to your opinion...but it doesn't make you right.

  153. Unknown says:

    Banned is countering theirs. So it's not them.

  154. Shelly W says:

    I'm calling bullshit on whether or not banned was even dmca'd to begin with. anyone can unlist their own products on the marketplace and say 'oh i got dmca'd!' yet their inworld store was never touched! How dumb do you think we are?

    And LOOOOOL how many accounts are you gonna make just so you can argue like this? the only reason you're so angry is because we're speaking the truth and it pisses you off. :)

  155. Lepra says:

    I'm unsure about whom are you referring to, but all I can see is that you're the one insisting on defending the crappiest liar and loser I saw in this game. On top of having you being the only fucktard whom can't seem to make a better use of your damned time, or maybe just has nothing to do in your school break, and, in the middle of a page regarding a good and nicely-made mesh body, first of its kind, decides to try acting as the -ONLY- real dickhead who had a sore paranoia branded up ass, and the only retarded maker whom -INSISTED- on acting like a demented brat with all of those unnecessary emotes in your messages when hearing complaints about your senseless banning of people on that deserted Futa City sim - which is, CK. ;D

    If you already had problems with others in here, maybe you should have some sense put into your head. If you have nowhere else to vomit your shitty rage, or just can't deal with the facts you'll always be the cheap and reasonless ripper of texture for your clique, attacking other makers and hiding among your endless alts, this wave of DMCAs will lead you nowhere, since you couldn't even throw that shitty Bubble Azz on SL's Market, then you'd better move to Gaia or IMVU, lol :D

    No one's speaking any truth, you're the one aiming your idiocy over everyone else who actually put effort into stuff instead of being a braindead snobbish dick idling all day on that lagged sim and banning people from it, lol.

    Either pay your respect to Wowmeh, like a normal someone,in a site and post like this, or get off and go find a thick one to slap your face ;} ♥

  156. Shelly W says:

    You're making ZERO sense. I was never here to talk shit about wowmeh, I think you're just confusing yourself. You have absolutely no idea who I am or who I'm supporting and who I'm aiming at, and your tiny little brain can't seem to handle it, so please just stop talking because you sound like a fucking idiot every time you speak. :)

  157. Lepra says:

    Ohn, that I can clearly say you are: Freely attacking others, under the circumstances of this site and post, so to prize and act like a suckass of that retard whom was the one that started all of this wave of DMCA spamming and hate vomiting and disrespecting Wowmeh's users and owner. You're being overly tendentious on your comments, when the only thing you should care about is taking a pic with some clothes on let out the store's names, instead of trying to act all noxious. And, again, you, because I only could catch you at it, but that goes to you and whomever comes to act in the same way on this space.

  158. Shelly W says:

    I'm ALWAYS supported wowmeh, what the fuck are you talking about? If anyone is "DMCA spamming and hate vomiting and disrespecting Wowmeh's users and owner" it's YOU. Posting on an alt won't make you any more covert! We know who YOU are! You're the one who showed up here with your hate spam, accusing Baby of stealing and insulting all of her supporters. The only one I'm insulting is YOU, you fucking moron LOOOL

    Seriously though, fuck off because you're lowering everyone's I.Q. every time you speak. :)

  159. Unknown says:

    I hate to see so much anger spelled out on Babies blog.

    I wish someone would just explain all that's going on to me. I don't know what to think :(

  160. Alexander says:

    Baby was hit with a DMCA.

    LL is a US company and there for follows US laws. Baby is not a US citizen. In order to counter the DMCA, Baby would need to release several articles of personal information that the accuser would be given. Baby is given nothing from her accuser. The accuser can then use her information to file a law suit if they feel so inclined. Again, Baby gets no information on who her accuser is.

    Baby is unwilling to release her personal information, because even if the DMCA is dropped her accuser will still have her name, residence, and several other pieces of personal information. This can lead to serious issues.

    While attempting alternate legal avenues, people such as Odessa have been trolling Baby, accusing her of being guilty by default under the faulty logic that "not countering the DMCA means she's guilty"

    Baby released a second body that was built from the ground up and a DMCA was filed against it as well but the lindens ultimately dropped it because it was found Baby's new body, The Silhouette, is in fact diffrent than the Wowmeh mesh body.

    People like Odessa latched on to this as further proof of her guilt and again displaying an extreme lack of intelligence on this subject.

    Most of what's going on with the DMCA is unknown by almost every one, as it should be since openly discussing these details would lead to further legal issues. People like Odessa and Kobe think this is another reason she's guilty.

    Ultimately Baby decided to close, for what ever reason.

  161. Alexander says:

    We'll all rapt with attention Odessa. Please, tell us, since you know what we don't. Who did baby steal her meshes from, who is the mysterious person filing the DMCA? You seem convinced to know better than the rest of us here. So, enlighten us. Or is ad hominem howler monkey the only language you speak?

  162. Im just curious if anyone has heard anynews about the re release? I tried reading through the comments and got tired of most of what I saw so thought id ask. Been waiting for awhile to update my av and REALLY wanted this body but its been so long, and with no real info that I can find, im wondering if its just kind of died?

    Thanks for your time and do hope ive missed some bit of info out there!

  163. Unknown says:

    Alexander explained everything. Thank you Alexander. I was confused also. I hate it but I believe it's gone:(.

    The Mesh Project has a body that is as good as the wowmeh but it's high as hell and it's breaking my bank lol. Their customer service sucks ass unless you get on Facebook and literally threaten them lol. They never answer live help. Their shopping experience sucks but the body is awesome. Their clothes are beautiful also.

    I really do wish baby would come back. She had her reason for leaving and we respect that but she is missed. My best wishes to you Miss Baby. Take Care :)

  164. Unknown says:

    Please don't think I was trying to promote TMP body in my post. Its the only thing we now have that's even close to the look the wowmeh gave. I hate their whole shopping experience and I could strangle their customer services but it's all I have :(

  165. I believe I know who might have done the DMCA and it is malicious intent. The owner of Banned has been going around DMCAing anyone who made any type of ass in SL, as to claim they started it first. They did this to LUckInc and Ghetto booty too. I wouldnt be surprised they targeted you as well. Ive never heard of banned until the DMCAs started being thrown around. Luck inc has had their ass out for a year and a half before it was taken down. I think its moslty about someone being Butt hurt over the better more successful competition.

  166. @odessa aka "Owner of Banned mesh asses" Cant handle the better competition so they have to sling DMCAs on people. I just say no one buy anything from the creator of Banned and if anything start flagging their items as stolen

  167. Lea Fie says:

    I am only going to comment here once, because it seems a couple of people refuse to think and just are on a hate trip or whatever.

    I have offered Baby help months ago with her problem, as I have gone through all this before.

    The timeline is as follows : I released the first mesh butt, then, out of nowhere, Mr. CK Winx started a hate campaign against me, first accusing me of copybotting his stuff, then started to threaten me to destroy me, destroy my business. As he realized that he couldn't bothe me with his childish threats, he filed a false DMCA claim with LindenLab. After I successfully fought those accusations and counterfiled, he used my RL identity in public, accusing me, defaming me, threatening me to come to my address and a dozen Abusereports have been sent. How do I know that he was the one that filed the DMCA ? Simply, because he attacked me prior to this and afterwards used my RL information given on the counterstatement against me.

    What happened afterwards, of course, because he is not man enough. He accused me of having filed a DMCA which is not true and this is where this whole drama started. I have never DMCA'd anyone. I have offered help to Baby and meanwhile, we were hit by a 2nd DMCA of unknown origin.

    I seriously have no idea, how you people so called "know" who DMCA's creators, because even LL does NOT reveal the information of the complainant.

    You can't provide proof, you have no evidence. All that you say is assumptions and speculations. But, of course, someone needs to be the target, so that is me. What happens behind the scenes you don't know. You don't know that I tried to solve those issues and help Baby to get back on her feet. I have talked to multiple creators that have been harrassed by CK Winx and that have been accused of copybotting by him. I also have talked to Ursula from uLukie but haven't heard anything.

    If you people are so sure of what you say is true, provide the evidence or stop being hateful people, that seem to have lost grip of reality!

  168. Unknown says:

    Benji, CK's ass was not took down. He was selling it to certain people that im'ed him not to long ago.CK wanted it to appear it was taken down so that he could start his DMCA crusade on every other ass that's a threat while he played victim.

    Lea Fie, I hope that you can take legal action against CK's threats.

  169. Anonymous says:

    "You can't provide proof, you have no evidence. All that you say is assumptions and speculations"

    Lea I'm sorry but you're the one making assumptions all the time, I've seen you joining plenty of topics like this one, even when you first started, joining the AZZ LOVERS group on sl, telling people to go buy your ass when the group is clearly made for the Azz, and accusing CK in groups that he's not even a member of. What kind of designer does that ?

    You seem to be more busy spending your time telling everyone you're a victim and pointing fingers rather than designing anything. I have yet to see Ursula, CK or Baby Ghosn act like that, yet they're the one that are closed now.


    Check this out. Belleza found out the dmca was filed under fraudulent means, could be the same situation for you!

  171. I saw the thing about the belleza body as well and thought the very same thing prolly just some malicious nasty person, as was in the case of belleza ... Please Please Please bring wowmeh back the lush BBW's of SL need you! ♥